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In my last post I noted some nice things about Francis Marion. I just noticed that there's a bill to build a national monument to Marion in Washington, DC (as with most of these, all funding will be private). It passed the House unanimously, and was recommended unanimously out of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

The astute of you may remark, hey pudge, you're against national monuments for people other than George Washington and Jesus! Well, that was slightly tongue-in-cheek, but still: yes, it means I think a monument to Marion is imprudent. Better a monument than a holiday, but better would be a Revolutionary War Memorial that has major sections devoted to certain key figures, including Marion. If they build it I'll certainly go see it someday and enjoy it and honor the man, but I'd rather do that without a national monument in his name, even though I greatly admire him, as my grandparents did when they gave my father the middle name of Francis.

It would've been pretty ironic if I were in the House and, of all people, had been the lone vote against it. Since I don't live in South Carolina, I could've politically survived such a vote. :-)

I have no problem with naming places after him, though.

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