Missing Tacoma Girl Found Dead, Immigrant Suspected

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Zina Linnik was found dead after going missing on July 4th.

The syspect is an immigrant. I don't know how he entered the country -- legally or illegally -- but as he was arrested Monday on an unrelated immigration matter, it appears he is not a citizen, and that he should have been deported after his 1990 conviction stemming from a violent rape of a 16-year-old relative.

Not only should he not have been in this country, he also should not have been allowed to register to vote in Pierce County. Oh, and he was supposed to have been registered as a sex offender so his neighbors would know he was a potential threat. (But that's OK: some corrections officers in Pierce County are actually advising sex offenders on how to break the law in not registering their home address!)

I am not trying to say "ha ha, see how bad immigrants are!" I am just saying, we've always known our immigration system sucks, and that so does our voter registration system, AND our system for dealing with sex offenders, and here's a prime example to prove the points to nonbelievers. slashdot.org

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