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A jury convicted Baker Middle School principal Harold Wright, Junior of third degree rape for an incident back in 2004.  The jury also found co-defendant Richy Carter guilty of third degree rape.

Prosecutors said Carter was one of the men who held down the 19-year-old woman and took turns violating her.  After that, prosecutors say Wright then came in and fondled the woman.

Wright, 36, faces six to 12 months in jail when he is sentenced August 31. He has been on leave from Baker Middle School since earlier this year when he was charged.

Carter, 33, has a previous felony conviction and faces up to 14 months in jail.


[Michael Vick] has been accused of crimes that offend me greatly, and if he's found guilty, I hope he spends so much time in jail that he dies there. Dog fighting? Dog killing? Only the scum of the earth partake in such an atrocity.

While I do not question Gregg Doyel's prescription for Vick's punishment, I wonder why there's not more outrage at Wright's and Carter's. Maybe we've just become used to people in authority raping our children and then walking the streets less than one school year after conviction. slashdot.org

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