No One Is Above The Law

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Democrats like to complain that no one is above the law, when it is in reference to the President. They have the right to investigate anyone for anything, they say, because if a law is broken, the people have a right to know. No executive privilege, no separation of powers.

Yet the Democrats weren't condemning a three-judge panel who said that the FBI has no right to execute a complete search of a Congressman's office during the course of a legitimate criminal investigation. Gee, I wonder why that is.

And when Tom DeLay held the vote open supposedly against House rules, they was gnashing of teeth over a lack of respect for the law, for rules, for decorum. Yet the Democrats a couple of nights ago literally stole a vote from the Republicans. They apologized for stealing the vote, but did not offer to correct the problem by restoring the correct result, so the "apology" rings completely hollow.

I am not saying the Democrats are worse than the Republicans have been. I just wonder why anyone thinks they are not just as bad.

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