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This guy is an idiot. He says we are a nation of cheaters, so therefore we are hypocritical for attacking Barry Bonds. Except that most of his examples are not actually cheating.

I'll quote him below. I will be nice to him and let him include "breaking the law" as "cheating." Non-cheating examples are bold, cheating examples are in italics.

"We're a nation of cheaters. We chase wrinkles away with botox, get our stomachs stapled, our fat suctioned out, our noses resculpted, our teeth whitened, our hair transplanted, our assets filled out with implants. We fudge our taxes, swipe pens from the supply cabinet, take 10 over the speed limit, and scarf down pills and potions for everything from restless leg syndrome to erectile dysfunction.

"There's very little some of us won't do to get an edge. How many amateur golfers follow every rule of the game, or even know them? If there's a racket or a club or a ball that will help us get more power and distance, we're all over it. If we play rec-league basketball, we grab jerseys, throw elbows, do anything we can get away with to win.

"To get through finals, we take pills that keep us awake. We lift passages off the Internet and stuff them in our term papers, conveniently forgetting to put quotation marks around them or to mention that the writing is not our own. We steal co-workers' ideas and pawn them off as our own.


"So we start our day with something to wake us up, brush our teeth with something to make them artificially brighter, maybe use a shampoo that makes the gray go away, spend a little extra time on the comb-over. If we're women, we boost this, cinch that, wash, condition, blow-dry and spray our chemically-colored hair, spackle over the blemishes, climb up on miniature stilts and then go out to rail against the artificiality of everyone else.

"But Barry Bonds is evil incarnate. And, gee, so many ask, looking at the world with vision made better than perfect by laser surgery, why would he do it?"

This Mike Celizic guy simply isn't very bright. His main theme is that we all cheat, yet he doesn't even know what cheating is.

And then he just goes off the complete deep end:

"The truth is that steroids are no different than penicillin, caffeine, ginseng, green tea, alcohol and Viagra. They are drugs that affect what goes on in your body. Penicillin and other antibiotics kill infections. Caffeine wakes you up. Green tea's anti-oxidants are supposed to help prevent cancer. Ginseng is supposed to make you sharper mentally and maybe help your sexual hydraulics. You know what alcohol and Viagra do."

Oh yes, also, there's no difference between ibuprofen and meth. Same thing, really. Take your pick. You can't take one and condemn the other! Anything that affects your biology is the same as everything else. Hell, you breathe oxygen, so why not have some crack?

What a jackass. slashdot.org

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