Stupid Question About Rove

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"If he's so smart, how come you lost Congress?"

First, I want to point out that the author of the piece is factually incorrect in his attempt to paint Rove as some bad guy. He describes Rove was "almost-indicted." That is, in fact, not true. That was never anything more than rumor that some of the press kept harping on. What's true is that Patrick Fitzgerald tried to indict Rove. What's also true is that in the end he had nothing to indict Rove on.

Second, and more importantly to the topic at hand, is the question being referenced. It was really a stupid question. It has no internal logic. It has no reasonable answer. It's sorta like asking, "if Tom Brady is so good, how come the Patriots lost the AFC Championship last year?" It is obviously not possible for one person to be good enough to win a game on his own, so why even ask the question? And it's even less rational to talk about the hundreds of Congressional elections as if one person can singlehandedly win a majority of them.

Bill Plante apparently doesn't realize that Americans think about things and vote based on what they think, not on what one man does or doesn't do for a party's strategy. I suppose it makes sense that he thinks that, because he's a TV news reporter, who by definition doesn't care about or respect the people.

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