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Saying Larry Craig is a hypocrite because he voted to ban gay marriage, or against hate crime laws, is dumb.

There's nothing about being gay -- if he is gay, which seems likely to some degree or another -- that logically requires you to think gay people should be able to marry each other, and far less reasonable is the correlation between being gay and believing gays should have special rights above other people -- especially ones that are constitutionally suspect of themselves -- such as those provided by hate crime laws.

Call Craig creepy or stupid or disgusting, but calling him a hypocrite is just dumb. Even if he did vote or make a statement that was actually hypocritical (his thing about Clinton being a "naughty boy" for example, as Craig was, at best, similarly "naughty"), his supposed hypocrisy is the least of his crimes here. No, it does not make what he did worse. No, it does not make him a worse person or Senator. I don't think someone who picks up men in public bathrooms and is honest about it is better than someone who does the same thing and isn't honest about it.

That's dumb. slashdot.org

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