KVI 570 Rips On Me For an Hour

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Pretty much the whole first hour and much of the second hour of The Commentators, a talk show on Seattle's biggest talk radio station, was directed at me and my song, Osama Bin Laden, You Ruined My Birthday.

Feel free to listen to the whole thing. (Link fixed!)

The liberal host, Ken Schram, was exceedingly unkind. The conservative host, John Carlson, was not kind either, but he at least almost got it. Both of them thought the song was serious. That I was actually saying what the protagonist of the song is saying, seriously, for myself.

They had lots of people call in, some saying my song was "disgsting," some saying it was "funny." One insightful guy correctly said it was a parody of other people, not seriously stating what I think myself.

The whole thing was awesome. slashdot.org

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