WA Democrats Don't Care About People Dying

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U.S. 2 is a very dangerous road near me. There's been 2,600 crashes and 47 people have died since 1999. It needs money so it can be fixed. The state has been spending a lot of money on roads. Why not U.S. 2?

"It's really brutal to say, but the people from those districts didn't support anything as far as funding," said Senate Transportation Committee Chairwoman Mary Margaret Haugen, D-Camano Island.   Consequently, less revenue went to districts with legislators who didn't support the tax measure, she explained.  "That certainly is a big reason."

Incredible. So because our representatives voted against the gas tax -- which was, of course, not a vote against funding, but a vote against a certain method of funding -- voters are being punished with more and more deaths on the highway.

It is criminal. She should be voted out of office next year, and the other Democrats should immediately strip her of her chairmanship.


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