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A friend pointed me to a link which then pointed to this DailyKos article, which says that the evangelical Christian right is losing power:

It definitely is a moment of crisis for the Evangelical Right. When you style yourself the GOP's ground army (and they are), yet your presidential forum attracts only Huckabee, Brownback, John Cox (who?), Alan Keyes Ron Paul, Tancredo and Duncan Hunter, you know you're getting the dredges of the GOP field.

Chances are you probably read that and said at least these two things: a. Alan Keyes is running again?, and b. what presidential forum?

They are referring to the Values Voter Forum. It's something I'd never heard of until one day before the Forum took place, and it's run by people who, while they may share my general views (I'm not even sure of that), do not in any way represent me, and I've never even heard of most of them. This is not the mainstream Christian right. You notice there's no Focus on the Family or Family Research Council, no Christian Coalition, no Eagle Forum, not even the Traditional Values Coalition.

So what's really going on here is that it's a bunch of no-name groups and the top candidates -- as they pretty much always do, in both parties -- didn't bother to attend because it was small potatoes, and the left is pretending that it was a really big deal because they really want it to be true that the Christian right is losing power. If this were actually representative of the mainstream Christian right, they might have a point. Maybe. But it's not. So they don't. slashdot.org

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