Hillary Clinton Lies about Max Cleland

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Hillary Clinton's MoveOn talking point is that "people shouldn't have attacked the patriotism and service of John Kerry or Max Cleland."

No one ever attacked Cleland's patriotism or service. It never happened. It's a myth. A lie. All that happened is that Cleland's judgment was questioned. Watch the video for yourself. The original leftist line was that Cleland was compared/linked to Hussein and Bin Laden just because images of them appeared in the ad; but that was blatantly false, so now they just say his "patriotism" and "service" was questioned. It's a more vague claim, but it's false too.

As to Kerry, the people who were prominently questioning him served with him. I won't tell them what they should or shouldn't say about a man they served with.

Besides, both Cleland and Kerry were politicians running for office, which is far different from an active general. The comparison is insulting. slashdot.org

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