Scientists Are Idiots

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From NewsHour last night: "Well, the scientific community has had a consensus that human beings were likely affecting the climate for about 10 years, but it's taken a while to convince the general public."

What? When something is "likely," according to "consensus," and you have trouble convincing the public?

Gee. Why do you think that might be? Maybe because people are not easily convinced of things that scientists are not convinced by, either?

Why should anyone be convinced, easily or otherwise, when the facts (as told to us by the IPCC) tell us that we don't know? Why should a scientist even be convinced, when it's the job of a scientist to be skeptical?

Which is, of course, why Gore has helped change the debate: he lied. He pretended the "debate is over." He removed the lack of certainty. He tells us that significant manmade global climate change is fact, rather than what the IPCC tells us, which is that it is merely likely.

It's a clear pattern: if you can't convince people based on the facts, you lie.

That's really why Gore got the Nobel, because he was instrumental in convincing people of something that the science doesn't show, that significant manmade global climate change is fact. He got the Nobel for lying to people.

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