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On CNN, in a story about Hannah Montana tickets, where ticket brokers bought most of them and are reselling them for hundreds and thousands of dollars, an angry mom says, "it is taking advantage of me and my children."

Why? How? You don't have to buy them, and it's not like anyone had an obligation to put on this concert or make tickets available to you for it at all, let alone at a certain price. If you don't like it, don't but the tickets ... so how are you being taken advantage of?

She went on, "and it's not teaching my kids a good lesson: that you can get what you want if you pay the right price." How is that not a good lesson? Generally speaking, it's true. I think it's a great lesson, about supply and demand of course, but also about priorities and comparative values. Teach your kids, well, we could take a vacation to Europe for two weeks, or buy a huge TV, or get a loaded iMac and iPod, or buy you an all new wardrobe ... or go to this concert.

If you really hate what these ticket brokers did, then organize a boycott of the concert. If no one buys the tickets, the people you are most angry at -- the brokers -- will lose a lot of money. Disney will too, because even though they sold tickets, they will lose a lot in potential merchandise sales, and so on.

This whole thing is a fantastic lesson for kids, if you understand what's really going on and how the world actually works. slashdot.org

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