Robert Redford is an Idiot, Too

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From The Week:

Robert Redford has a dim view of American politics, says David Hochman in Playboy ... . His cynicism was reinforced when he received a Kennedy Center honor in 2005 and spent an evening hobnobbing with Washington's elite. "Here were sworn enemies, the leaders who beat the shit out of each other all day in public, but the minute those doors closed for the state dinner, the daggers went away and it was one big happy family. I saw former Republican Sen. Bill Frist weaving through the tables, and he came over to Ted Kennedy and start massaging his shoulders and laughing like they were the oldest buddies in the world. Everybody was crossing the aisles and chuckling, and I said, 'Oh, I get it! It really is just a game.'"

So what's wrong with any of that?

Just because the daggers are not out, doesn't mean they aren't there. But also, just because they have knife fights in public, doesn't mean they hate each other.

They have to put up acts. That's politics. They need to pretend they like each other if they don't, for the sake of getting things done. Attract bees with honey and all that. And they need to pretend they don't like each other if they do, because the base expects them to hate each other. How could you not hate someone who hates America?!?!

The only time politics wouldn't work that way is if we didn't have politics.

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