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Don't forget to sign up for the Seattle Slashdot Party! Here's some of the details:

OK, we have a location: the 8th floor of the PacMed building on Beacon Hill. (Yes, that is Amazon HQ!).

The date is Saturday, October 20. Time is 6 p.m until whenever.

Because of security, please send me e-mail (pudge -at- slashdot -dot- org) with your name, and bring ID to the party confirming. If you don't, no huge deal, but you may need to spend a few minutes at the front desk while you fill out a paper and they print out a badge. Sorry about the minor hassle, but it'll be worth it!

Parking is free and available on the north side of the building (the graded area on the down-slope of Beacon Hill in the picture). If you give me your name beforehand and bring your ID, go to the west entrance. Otherwise, use the lower, north entrance. (If you have RSVP's and have your ID, but need a more accessible entrance, use the north entrance but skip the line and show your ID.)

If you want to network with people OR computers, feel free to bring the appropriate gear: resumes, business cards, laptops, etc. No WiFi provided (doesn't mean not allowed!).

Some food will probably be provided. Updates to follow on that. Alcohol will not be "provided."

Thanks very much to Amazon and their hospitality and generosity.

We will have some free t-shirts and things to give away.

See mullein's comment for bus information.

Thanks all, should be a great evening. See you Saturday.

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