More Stupidity on Impeachment

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I was just looking over some of Dennis Kucinich's stuff on impeachment.

I've never seen a rational article on impeachment against Bush or Cheney. And that has not changed.

Here's some of what Kucinich accuses Cheney of:

purposely manipulating intelligence to fabricate a threat of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in order to justify an attack on Iraq

No evidence.

deceiving Congress about an alleged relationship between Iraq and al-Qaida

No evidence.

threatening aggression against the Republic of Iran, absent any real threat to the United States

That never happened. No aggression was ever threatened against Iran.

This article in the Seattle P-I adds more ideas:

illegal war, in violation of both international treaty and the Constitution;

It was in violation of neither. And further, Congress gave Bush the authority to do it. Congress impeaching the President for exercising authority granted by the Congress is inexcusably stupid.

widespread domestic wiretapping in violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a felony. Bush already has admitted to this;

This is a dispute over whether FISA constitutionally limited the authority of the President, and can only properly be adjudicated by the Supreme Court. To impeach on these grounds would be a serious violation of separation of powers.

condoning torture in violation of federal laws and international treaties;

No evidence.

rescinding habeas corpus, the cornerstone of Western law since the Magna Carta;

That never happened, in fact. Only statutory habeas corpus was rescinded, and only for alien unlawful enemy combatants. It's absolute idiocy to say that a plain old law that granted rights cannot be rescinded.

And besides, Congress did this, not the President!

obstruction of justice regarding U.S. attorney firings;

No evidence.

subversion of the Constitution

No evidence.

abuse of signing statements

As they have no legal force, and are not mentioned by the Constitution, this would be a stupid thing to impeach over. That's like saying you should impeach the President for watching baseball.

and rescinding habeas corpus.

You already said that.

She goes on:

It's astounding that our representatives to Congress carry on with business as usual knowing that Americans lack habeas corpus and a working code of law.

It's astounding to me that the P-I would publish a column by someone claiming that any American lacks any habeas corpus (including stautory habeas corpus).

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