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A science teacher got in trouble for asking some of schoolkids to drink a gallon of milk. I am not entirely sure, but I think the point was to show that it would make you sick.

I once, in high school, tried to drink a half gallon of ketchup, during lunchtime. That's 64 ounces. A gallon of milk is, therefore, 128 ounces. The human stomach can hold maybe a gallon, but don't bet on it. I could only get in about 60 ounces of ketchup on an empty stomach. Shortly after I gave up, I ... gave it up. The acid in the ketchup didn't play nice with the acid in my stomach and I vomited most of it into a garbage can.

After lunch the dean of students called me into his office and tried, but failed, to reprimand me. He first said it was gross, I said well yeah, but I didn't know I'd vomit it up. Maybe I should have, but I didn't. He said it was dangerous. I asked how, and he said I could get have gotten sick. Well, first, I'd survive, and second, I threw it up anyway. Then he said I could have inhaled it. Trying to stifle my laughter as much as possible, I informed the dean that I'd been drinking liquids all my life and was pretty good at it by now.

I've many times ingested large quantities of milk, including whole quarts in mere seconds (I think my record was 8 seconds). But two quarts -- which I tried -- didn't get all the way down and made me ill.

So anyway, short story just a little bit longer, that teacher should have known better. It was only going to result in sick kids and bad news for the teacher.

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