Desperation Breeds Delusion

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John Edwards said that because of the Iowa results, it is now a two-man race -- literally, two men, Edwards and Obama.

That doesn't even make sense on the surface: Edwards only beat Clinton by 0.28 percent, and she actually leaves Iowa with MORE national delegates than Edwards, because of her strong showing in Iowa's Fifth Congressional District. So even though she came in a very close third, she actually did better than Edwards, who came in second.

So in fact, Hillary came in second in the way it counts: she has the second most national delegates in the state. And that is not even counting "super delegates," where she is far outpacing both Edwards and Obama.

But even if none of that were true, even if Edwards had left Iowa with more delegates -- in, or out, of Iowa -- than Clinton, it is still nonsensical to count her out, as obviously she is far stronger in many other states than she is in Iowa.

Of course, if you are reading this, you probably already know that. And that's the point: everyone knows that. So why would Edwards say that she is out of the race? It can only be for one reason: he's desperate, so he is resorting to baldfaced lying in the hope he can peel off some more votes.

And that typifies Edwards. He pretends he is the antiwar candidate, despite cosponsoring the authorization for the use of force. He pretends he defends the "little guy," when his extremely lucrative career was made on exploiting the "little guy." He acts like he is experienced, when he has spent only one term in the Senate. Then he acts like he is an unknown outsider (a speech he gave yesterday bragged about coming in second against two "rock star" candidates) despite being on the national ticket just over three years ago.

I've said it before, and it is unfortunately true: I would much rather have Hillary as President than Edwards. Those who know me -- even a little -- know that this isn't much about Clinton, but a lot about Edwards, and nothing good. But I would love to see him win the nomination, because he is such an easy target for the GOP. Too bad he has no chance.

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