Net::Jabber (really, XML::Stream) Hates My Server

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So I tried connecting our Jabber bot to our new Jabber server (OpenFire). It wasn't happy.

At first I thought it might be SSL, and after wrestling with that and many other things, I finally decided to randomly comment out things I didn't understand. Well, not randomly: one of the errors I kept seeing when I was pretty sure I had everything right was:

Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at
/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/XML/ line 1165.

But I don't know what the heck is going on in there. Poking around though, I see that $self->GetRoot($sid) is returning undef, and right above that, there's a call to delete($self->{SIDS}->{$currsid}). And GetRoot($sid), in fact, accesses $self->{SIDS}->{$sid}.

So I add in some print statements and see that, in fact, $sid and $currsid are the same.

So, I says to myself, comment out the delete call. And so I do. And so it works.

I don't know why that was necessary. And I should send this to the XML::Stream author. Tomorrow.


lottadot Author Profile Page said:

We've had problems with the Slash jabberbot too. Though we are using an XServe (10.4) as the jabber server. I know I ended up writing a quick-n-dirty script that would verify that Net::Jabber could authenticate and connect ok. Once I saw that it could, I went poking around in the bot code. I don't recall if I changed anything or not, I think I did, but if you're interested I'll grab it and diff it. I know I had to fiddle with the values in the vars table too.

Note that we are not using SSL, which doesn't seem to the consensus and was I think part of our problem.

Oh, and I did build a 5.8 lamp dev on this laptop. I haven't got the nerve, nor the spare time yet, to try 5.10, yet :)

This mt that you have installed, it's losing the checkbox value when you 'preview' your comment, btw.

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