Rep. Kristiansen Proposes U.S. 2 Safety Bills

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As reported in the Herald, Rep. Dan Kristiansen has proposed three bills to raise revenue to fix "safety corridors," including U.S. 2. A key passage in the article -- damning to Democrats, if only people will wake up and pay attention to what's going on -- is this: "... Kristiansen is a Republican operating in a Democrat-controlled Legislature whose leaders know that he's opposed the last two increases in gas taxes for road projects around the state. Neither one contained funds for U.S. 2 partly because of his opposition."

Again, the simple fact of the matter is that the state has been able to fix U.S. 2, but has failed to do so, and people have been dying because of it. That's indisputable, and bad enough. But that Democrats are failing to fix U.S. 2, and therefore allowing people to die, over partisanship -- not just in the opinion of Republicans, but stated as fact by reporters at the left-leaning Herald -- is simply unconscionable.

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