The State Over The Individual

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So WillAffleckWU says I am "a Royalist and avowed hater of our Freedoms and Rights, after all, not to mention a combat avoider" and that I have "ill-informed neoconservative opinions."

I am about the farthest thing from any reasonable definition of "royalist," for whatever he could possibly mean by that. I've never in my life taken a single action to avoid combat. None of my opinions are neoconservative, and as to ill-informed, well, no moreso than anyone else's. I tend to not form opinions at all until I do get significant information. Funny, though, that his opinions of me are obviously ill-informed.

As to being an "avowed hater of our Freedoms and Rights" ... WillAffleckWU denys property rights in favor of his view of the "common good." For example, he favored a recent proposition to take massive amounts of money from citizens in order to force those citizens into using a mode of transportation they overwhelmingly don't want to use.

He wants to take away our freedom and rights, both coming and going: take away the fruits and the mechanism of our liberty (our money and property) in order to take away the expression of our liberty (the ability to drive from place to place). And as a Green, this is his normal M.O.

Another "winner" recently said that I put "the power of the state over that of the individual." I can't think of any example where I do that, and neither could he: his one example was about preservation of natural resources, but he takes the side of the government over the individual on that issue. And I don't take sides on that issue at all out of a specific context, which he didn't provide, so it wasn't an example that fit me anyway.

So the reason I bring all this up is because I was hoping maybe one of you can help me come up with examples of where I put the power of the state over that of the individual. I can't think of any. The only time I can think of that I favor the power of the state over the individual is when that power is used to directly defend other individual rights -- such as arresting someone for assault -- which obviously doesn't count.

But maybe I am missing something. Help me out!

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