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In her lawsuit, Stacie Somers makes three claims.

First, that Apple is "constricting the market" by choosing to not license a propietary licensing technology. In other words, because a third party decided to make music files that only certain players can play, Apple is somehow to blame for not paying for that privilege. Because apparently, everyone has the right for someone else to provide them with every proprietary technology that a third party comes up with. It's in the Constitution.

Second, she says that while Apple must license the other proprietary technology, that it is not allowed to have its own properietary technology. Because, um ... it just can't. It's totally a different thing.

Third, she claims Apple can only buy music from iTunes Music Store, which contains the aforementioned proprietary technology. Because apparently she's never heard of this marvelous device called a "Compact Disc" that you can buy -- like your iPod -- in places with names like "Target" and "Amazon" and "Fred's Gas Station." And there's also Amazon and other retailers that sell downloadable music you can put on your iPod.

Even without even getting into the actual claims, which have no merit, it's clear that she has suffered no damages whatsoever -- potential or otherwise -- and therefore has no standing anyway. slashdot.org

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