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"A Few Words in Defense of Our Liberals" is a combination parody/response to Randy Newman's song, "A Few Words in Defense of Our Country," performed at the keynote for Macworld Expo 2008.

Let me say up front that if you have a problem with anything in here, well, blame Randy, because nothing I said was any worse, or any less reasonable, than what he said.

I am not the musician he is, but hey, I get paid a lot less. See for the original video for his song, from last January. The slightly different lyrics were posted in the NY Times that same month as an op-ed, at .

Enjoy! And laugh a little! Just because Randy's ticked off, doesn't mean we have to be, no matter what your political persuasion.


I'd like to say a few words
In defense of our liberals
Our liberals ain't bad, nor are they mean
The liberal leaders they have
While they are pretty bad
Are hardly the worst this poor world has seen

Let's turn history's pages, shall we?

Take Mao, for example
Why, within the first few years of him
He had criminalized free speech
Ruled from the side of his Forbidden City swimming pool
And presided over the executions of millions of people

A few years later
He outlawed private food production, and millions more died
That's like, single-payer agriculture, or something
That's not a very good example right now, is it?

But here's one
The Eastern European Soviet occupation
Put people in a terrible position
I don't even like to think about it
Well, sometimes I like to think about it

Just a few words in defense of our liberals
Whose time at the top
Could be coming to an end
Now we don't want their love
And respect for their views is out of the question
But in times like these
We sure could use a friend

Liberals who need no introduction
Fidel Castro, that's right
Liberals think he's so great
Well he took control of Cuba
He jailed and killed thousands of people
Just for speaking their mind
Or being suspected of having one
But hey man, now Cubans are equal
And desperate

A president once said,
"A man has a property in his opinions"
Now you are required to agree to give your property to someone else
It's patriotic in fact, and compassionate
And if you don't play along?
There's the government men with the guns
That's what the Second Amendment is for, isn't it?
That's what it used to be for

The end of socialism is messy at best
And this plunderous state is ending
Like all the rest
Like French automobiles, engulfed on the streets
We're engulfed in the land of the brave
And the home of the free

Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.


strider Author Profile Page said:

You were too kind. You could have written:
The end of socialism is messy at best
But we treat everyone like the rest
Hey the democrats have will even have
a woman as a candidate this time
of course Pluto's not a planet anymore.

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