Democrats Fail on U.S. 2 Safety

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When the Democrats on the House transportation committee refused to vote on three proposals to fund U.S. 2 improvements that are intended to save lives, Democrats said ""We are going to do something on Highway 2 this session in our budget."

Today we find out what they put in the budget for U.S. 2: one mile of passing lane.

In a transportation budget of $7 billion dollars, a mere $5 million -- 0.07 percent of that budget -- is going to fix what Rep. Dan Kristiansen correctly calls "the state's deadliest highway" ... on a small stretch of that highway that has never experienced a fatality.

That's "something," alright. I am not quite sure what it is, but it's "something."

Democrats tell us that we should vote for Democrats if we want to see U.S. fixed. My question is simple: on what basis should we believe they would, when they are in power, and don't?

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