Liberal Fascism and Daycares

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I was accused of reading a book by Jonah Goldberg the other day when I linked liberals to fascism. I am not now reading, nor have I ever read, a book by Jonah Goldberg.

Not that I have anything against him or anything. But I don't know much about his book.

But it is hard to think of words other than "fascism" and "communism" when reading about a bill to require that all daycare workers be unionized, and that their dues be subject to being given to Democratic politicians against the will of the workers, especially when the bill has the emergency clause tacked onto it to prevent the people from exercising their Constitutional right to challenge it.

But don't worry, you owners of other businesses, if you feel left out. They'll be coming for you eventually, too. It's only a matter of time before laws are passed to abolish all private employees in this state, and to force all of us to fund the campaigns of Democratic politicians against our will. And fear not: you won't get to challenge any of those laws, either.

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