Air Guitars and Rock Band

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I got a message via YouTube last week from a friend of mine from high school. He apparently saw a video of mine up there and dropped me a note. I Googled him and it turns out he was the 2006 U.S. Air Guitar champion: Craig "Hot Lixx Hulahan" Billmeier.

So on Friday night I went out to play Rock Band (for Xbox 360) for the first time, and since it is similar to air guitar I mention it to him, and he lets me know he also worked on Rock Band. He did motion capture (I am guessing he got the gig as a result of winning the Air Guitar championship).

He has a great picture someone took of us for the school paper, when we played together during lunch one time. We were playing a song, and I was singing, and me, Craig, and our friend Bryan Gray (from The Blamed) are each playing a different chord at the same time. From such inauspicious beginnings, we've all gone on to do music in various capacities (all of them inauspicious in their own right). He said he'll try to get me a copy of the picture.

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