Daschle: Each State Should Have Equal Number of Delegates

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In last week's Meet the Press, former Senator Tom Daschle said that each state's election is equivalent, from Rhode Island to California: "There's no question in my mind that the strongest candidate is the candidate who wins the most elections. Barack Obama has won 29 contests. Hillary Clinton has won 13 contests. That's the bottom line. There is no, no if, ands or buts about it."

If the number of contests won determines who is the strongest candidate, that means each contest is equal, which means each state should have the same number of delegates to national convention.

Of course, if each state should NOT have the same number of delegates, then the states' contests are not equal, which means that the number of states won is irrelevant.

The Democrats crack me up. Another example of stupidity from this week: Senator Schumer blaming President Bush because the Democrats have been successful at convincing people that Bush can't handle the economy. Seriously. He said one of the main problems of the eocnomy is that people don't believe Bush can handle it. It's the old "stop hitting yourself!" line.

I think George W. Bush will most be remembered for making people forget just how dysfunctional and silly the Democratic Party really is.

Also, I think I henceforth will call insipid lines from Democrats "Daschumers." Used in a sentence: "Wow, did you hear that Daschumer from Ron Sims, when he said that the error rate of King County Elections was something any bank would be envious of?" slashdot.org


MattJ said:

Yeah Democratic politicians say lots of stupid things, but I always thought that was because they were politicians, not because of the party the belonged to. Do you claim that Republican politicians are smarter then their Democratic peers?

pudge Author Profile Page said:

If I meant to claim that, I would have stated it explicitly.

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