Supreme Court Upholds "Will of the People," Denies Right of the People

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In a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court of the U.S. upholds the "will of the people" by having a primary system that allows anyone to vote for any candidate of any party, and allows any candidate to list any party affiliation, thereby taking away the right to association.

As usual, I agreed with Justice Scalia.

The article notes that our state attorney general Rob McKenna "argued there was no evidence that the parties would be harmed, since they can publicize through advertising and other means which candidates they support." Perhaps the GOP will use their limited money to advertise for candidates other than Reed and McKenna, then ... ?

This will likely result in the process becoming MORE closed, as the parties will choose their candidates in convention, instead of the primary, and will likely sue the county/state if a non-sanctioned candidate appears on the ballot. Your tax dollars will be wasted, and you will have less voice in the primary. How's that feel?

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