AARP: "Let's Not Be Partisan! Or not!"

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The AARP is pretending to be non-partisan with its "Divided We Fail Platform. The basic message is: "let's put partisanship aside, and just agree with the Democrats." Which, incidentally, is largely Barack Obama's basic message, come to think of it.

"All Americans should have access to affordable health care, including prescription drugs, and these costs should not burden future generations."

While I believe this is essentially true, the Republican is very different from AARP's. The AARP's answer is "government should pay for much, if not all, of it for many, if not all, of Americans." This is the Democratic view, not the Republican view.

"Wellness and prevention efforts, including changes in personal behavior such as diet and exercise, should be top national priorities."

I don't believe that at all. I think our national priorities should have nothing whatsoever to do with any of that, except to the extent that the federal government should work to prevent epidemics of communicable diseases, and I do not believe the government should ever try to change anyone's personal, non-criminal, behavior.

"Our children and grandchildren should have an adequate quality of life when they retire. Social Security must be strengthened without burdening future generations."

Social Security is unconstitutional and should be phased out over time.

"Workers should be provided with financial incentives to save, should have access to effective retirement plans, and should be able to keep working and contributing to society regardless of age."

Government should have nothing to do with any of that.

"Americans of all ages should have access to tools to help manage their finances, and save for the future and better, easy to understand information to help them increase their financial literacy and manage their money wisely."

Government should have nothing to do with any of that.

I don't mind that the AARP pushes these things. Anyone can push any policies they want to. But I do mind that the AARP is dishonestly pretending that they are not marching in lockstep with the Democrats, and against the Republicans. You can push your agenda without being dishonest.

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