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T-Mobile is my cell phone provider. I "upgraded" my old Nokia 6600 (four years old now, at least) to a Nokia 6263 for free. But when I got it, I found that -- with the exact same SIM card, same account, same network -- it would not run downloaded network apps like Google Maps.

This makes it subuseful.

So I call them up, and they would apparently rather have me return my phones and cancel my service altogether than give me a working phone. Oh they say they can give me a Blackberry, but it will cost more, and I don't want a Blackberry. And I would rather go phoneless than use a Windows phone.

So I need to either get this phone uncrippled, or find a new cell phone provider. Suggestions welcome.


groovecoder Author Profile Page said:

I think your employer will pay for an AT&T service ... and then you can grab an iPhone. ;)

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