Obama: "I voted for it, before I forgot what it was"

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A fun video from Peter Cowman of MoveRed.org about Obama's Hanford flub has been posted on Hot Air.

But this is where the story gets interesting: Obama actually voted on cleanup for Hanford. Oops.

NB: the Hot Air story refers to a vote on H.R. 1815, but technically, that is not a vote for H.R. 1815 (which Obama cannot vote for, directly, as it is a House bill and he is apparently in the Senate), but a vote to proceed to conference committee to reconcile differences between H.R. 1815 and the Senate version, S.1042. But Obama voted for S.1042, too.

And make no mistake, Hanford was not buried deeply. Well, OK, S.1042 is a pretty huge bill. But S.1045, which originally contained the Hanford text, is pretty small -- about 10 pages -- and it was passed and inserted into S.1042 with unanimous consent (on the same day Obama was there voting for S.1042: November 15, 2005). So that's three votes on Hanford.

Here's Peter's video:


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