Australia: Hey Kids, If You're Not Green, You Should Die!

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According to this page for kids from the Austrialian Broadcasting Corpotation, if you use more than "your share" of the planet's resources, you are killing the planet, and you yourself should die in a bloody mess when "your share" of the resources is used up.

I am not exaggerating. If you end up with CO2 of over 3.0 tons, the cartoon pig representing you explodes and only a pool of blood and tail remain, with the caption "You'll use your share of the planet in N years." And if you 3.0 tons of CO2 or less, your pig flies into the air and they say, "At this rate, you could live forever!"

Simple message: if you produce little CO2, you could live for a long, long time. If you produce too much, you shouldn't.

The best part is at the end, where you find out that the wealthier you are -- specifically, the more money you spend -- the quicker you should die. Unless, of course, you spend all that money on "stuff that's better for the envionment" or "ethical investments." Apparently if you donate money to single mothers or homeless vets, that kills the environment.

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