Democrats Give $10K to Walser Following Guilty Plea

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The Senate Democratic Campaign Committee gave former Sultan Police Chief Fred Walser the tidy sum of $10,000 for his campaign on June 17, almost two weeks after he pled guilty to providing false information and was sentenced to one year in jail.

The obvious question is: if you're a Democrat on the ballot, what do you have to do to NOT get money from the party? What sort of corruption will the Democrats in power NOT overlook from one of their own?

I think the money will likely go to waste, and that he will not have a legacy as an elected official. But there's always skateboard parks.

Also check out the Walser Countdown Clock on our Fred Walser web site. Only 240 hours of community service, $20,000 of restitution, and 346 days of probation to go!

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