Illogic and the Constitution

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I'm going to be looking for [judicial nominees] who respect that the Constitution is an organic, growing, evolving set of principles that have stood the test of time.

-- Hillary Clinton

I can't tell if she doesn't know what "organic, growing, evolving" means, or if she doesn't know what "that have stood the test of time" means. But I am fairly certain this accurately reflects her views, and the views of most Democrats.


nandorman said:

Eh. You may be being too harsh (although she's plenty-an-idiot in many other ways). From the reference you post, I can't tell the situation. For instance, if this is an off-the-cuff, town-hall-y thing, whatever. If it's in a white paper, it's more proof she's an idiot. Clearly she meant something on the order of "...set of rules based on principles that have stood the test of time." Or something.

Okay, so, granted, if she's going to be a politician she should be able to pull of a fairly simple statement. But I think 99% of the people who read/heard the statement won't think twice about it, because they understood what she meant. Just like most people understand Bush with his poorly-worded statements. Call her Alice, if you'd like....

pudge Author Profile Page said:

No, the problem is I DO understand what she means: she is simply paying lip service to "principles that stand the test of time" and doesn't mean it at all.

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