Irony Alert: "The Uprising"

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Liberal David Sirota wrote a book called "The Uprising," and on The Colbert Report last week, he described "The Uprising" as people who are "angry with the status quo, who think the establishment is not working for them, and frankly, it's not." He writes a lot about civil rights, worker's rights, and so on.

He adds at the end of the interview,

American history is the history of uprises. Every great achievement in this country came because of a movement. ... My hope for the election is that the election is a vehicle for the expression of the uprising, so that after the election, like after the 1932 election, we get something like the New Deal.

So, apparently, we are uprising because we feel like we don't have rights, and then, like in 1932, we respond by ... asking the government to take away more of our rights.


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