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Poor, beleagured, Dean Logan can't catch a break. Granted, Logan -- of 2004-King-County-WA-governor-race infamy -- stepped into a bad situation, and I wish him the best of luck because I want all voting systems to, you know, work well. But it's funny how trouble seems to follow him, innit?

And Brad Friedman is not alone. Two years ago, my own name (I was running for PCO) was left off the Sequoia Voting Systems machines in Snohomish County. There was a blank space where my name should have been. I go into vote, I see "Henning PCO," and I see two spaces: one with a blank next to it, and one for a write-in (and no, for you computer geeks, I didn't change my name to ');).

I actually selected the one with a blank to see what would happen. When it showed me the preview, it was still blank. But when it printed up on the paper trail what my vote would be, it had my actual name.

I am a proponent of electronic voting. But I am a proponent of open systems with much good security and reliability and design. Which is kinda the opposite of what we've got now.

But it's still better than mail voting.

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