Obama Lies, But It's OK Because He Is Better Than You

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Barack Obama lied about accepting public financing. He said if McCain did it, he would too. He made an important promise -- important enough that Obama himself made a big deal out of it -- and he broke that promise. He lied.

And the press doesn't care.

The talking points that all Democrats and leftwing pundits are using is that this doesn't matter, because what Obama is doing is just as good as public financing! Because his money is ... coming from ... the public! This is actually what they are saying. All of them. And some people apparently think this makes any amount of sense.

Private financing is public financing. Taxes going up are not increasing, they're just returning to their previous level, which just happens to be higher than they are now. Lobbyists working at top levels in his campaign aren't really working in his campaign if they are unpaid.

I think I need a dictionary to understand this new Obanics.

If this were McCain or Bush, of course, the news media would be saying it proves that they can't be trusted.

But it's Obama, and Obama is trusted. If he lies it doesn't matter, because he is trustworthy. He means well. Rules and promises don't apply to him. He is an englightened being.

He is not Barack Obama. He is The Obama.

I believe that if it were proposed to make Obama the King of America, more than a third of the country would vote for it, along with more than two-thirds of the news media. Perhaps not. But I am absolutely convinced that the media, and many on the left, simply believe that they -- or their candidate, at least -- well, OK, themselves too -- are simply better, and therefore the same rules don't apply.

I don't know about you, but that attitude really scares me. It alone is almost enough reason to try to make sure he doesn't win, because it is an inherent danger to liberty. There are various threats to liberty that our founders warned us about, and war is one of them, as the left likes to remind us. Another was a charismatic leader who would by, force of personality, convince us to give up our liberty.

This is what is being created before our eyes, and it is damned scary.

The news media is totally in the tank for Obama. Is the election over before it begins, just because there is apparently no chance that they will have the slightest amount of fairness in covering the race? slashdot.org

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