Obama's "Dirty" Politics

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I've been critical of Barack Obama and the Democrats, and I will be so again. I don't think anyone doubts this.

But this time, I am going to defend him.

I saw a completely ridiculous story on CNN last weekend that accused Obama of "dirty politics" in Illinois. I hate Media Matters -- basically, it exists to twist the truth in favor of liberals -- but it has the video so I'll link to it (and a transcript is on CNN).

CNN reporter Drew Griffin's claims boil down to, simply, that Obama committed "bare-knuckle" tactics by checking his opponents' ballot signatures, to make sure they were legal. His opponents' signatures were not legal, so they didn't get on the ballot, and he did, and won an unopposed race.

So Obama is "dirty" according to CNN because he not only followed the law while his opponents broke the law, but because he helped catch his opponents breaking the law.

CNN has a very odd definition of "dirty."

Griffin responded, "I know there are rules. But let me be real ... the guy that registered 150,000 voters, the all-inclusive candidate, 'let everybody have their vote,' makes sure he's the only guy on the ballot in 1996."

I can tell Griffin is trying to contrast Obama's past actions and statements for getting broad involvement in the political process with what he did in 1996, but for the life of me, I cannot see any contrast at all. Yes, register 150,000 voters ... legally. Yes, include everyone ... who is a legal citizen and legally registered voter. Yes, let everybody who is a legal voter have their legally cast vote. Those are all good things and not in any way conflicting with making sure his opponents followed the law in 1996.

Actually, now that I think about it, it seems to me that Griffin simply assumed that Obama was in favor of breaking the law. Since his only actual complaint about Obama in 1996 is that he upheld the law, the only way I can see a contrast is if he assumes that Obama is in favor of registering people illegally, of including voters illegally, and of allowing people to vote illegally.

This reporter obviously does not understand that when election laws are violated, it disenfranchises legal voters. Obama should be applauded for helping to uphold the law, not called "dirty" for it.

I just hope Obama and the Democrats doesn't attack any Republicans for upholding election law this year, as they often have in the past. slashdot.org

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