The Democratic Nomination and Accuracy

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CNN reports that Obama "clinched" the nomination. They say he has "secured" enough delegates to win.

Both claims are false.

To "clinch" implies that it is not possible for someone else to win. To "secure" a delegate means that the delegate is yours, and can't be taken away.

You probably see the point here. Hillary can still win, if superdelegates choose to switch to her. Obama therefore has not secured enough delegates to win, and therefore has not clinched the nomination.

All I am saying is that we should be a bit more accurate in reporting what is actually happening. It's so easy to be accurate. Say he currently has enough delegates to win the nomination. Even call him the presumptive nominee. That's all fine.

But those don't sound as sensational as saying that he "clinched" the nomination or "secured" enough delegates to win.

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