Extra Obama Coverage Justified

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A lot of conservatives complain that Obama gets more news coverage. While it is, of course, true that Obama gets a lot more coverage, the point of news coverage is to try to tell us things we don't know, and as we still have no idea what Obama actually stands for, the extra news coverage is warranted, isn't it? slashdot.org


publicbulldog said:


Can you help find someone to provide support for Jim Wiest whom is running for LT.Governor. Jim was at the picnic all day,while Marcia Mcraw was there for 30 minutes.

I would like to see Jim get more support than he has gotten.I would like to see him get some help from someone you approve of before he turns to me ,which might cost him some votes ..including yours.
I will be helping him if nobody steps forward to provide support.I am afraid to lose support for Jim from some of you hard liners,if I start working with him.He needs,and deserves at least some support.I am not impressed by the support he has received from the GOP so far.Either you find him someone or else I am going to step in,even at the risk of losing the support of the hard liners here on this blog..

pudge Author Profile Page said:

PBD: what would you have me do? As usual, I don't understand what you're trying to say. You want me to find him what? A campaign manager?

Were you at the picnic?

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