Happy Independence Day

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The EFF put up this Fourth of July video:

Which reminded me of a video I put up last year, a cover of "Fireworks" from Schoolhouse Rock:

Happy Independence Day! Having fun blowing up little bits of paper and cardboard with black powder! I sure will.

[NB: I know that, in fact, it was Robert Livingston, not Philip Livingston, who was on the committee to draft the Declaration of Independence. Schoolhouse Rock got it wrong, and when I copied them, so did I.] slashdot.org


Ragnar Danneskjold said:

A song for Pudge.. courtesy of a David Limbaugh fan/commentor:

A Parody of the song, "They Call the Wind Maria", from the Copyrighted Alan J. Lerner & Frederick Loewe play, "Paint Your Wagon"

Obama, Obama, they call the Con, Obama

Away out Left they've got names for
Hope, Change, and Con, with drama
The Hope's Hot Air, the Change hard Left
And they call the Con, Obama

Obama blows the words around
And sends the facts a'flyin'
Obama makes our country sound
Like half the folks are dying

Obama, Obama, they call the Con, Obama

Before I knew Obama's name
And heard his wail and whinin'
I loved this land, and it was free
And the sun was mostly shinin'

But then one day Obama came
And promised all for near free
And now the lost, the weak and lost
Would tax their freebies from me

Obama, Obama, they call the Con, Obama

We've got a brand new name for Hope
And Leftist Changes likewise
He tricks the lost and all alone
With Liberal hype and tall lies

McCain's an old and cranky man
With many faults we all see
But he's our last best hope today
So do select him with me

Obama, Obama, they call the Con, Obama

Obama, Obama! Freedom's Enemy!

We're waiting Pudge, get busy, young man!...

OOOH! I wonder if you can personalize it to fit the queen too?!

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