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People keep telling me Obama is highly intelligent. What is this based on? I've seen no evidence he is as smart as I am, and I don't think of myself as having a particularly notable intellect.

He's no dummy, sure. But I've never seen him give specifics about an issue he hasn't carefully studied his talking points for; when he speaks impromptu he is often unimpressive; he has not even demonstrated a terribly deep understanding of the Constitution, for someone who supposedly taught it in law school.

Not that you have to be a genius to be President. Kerry and Bush are both moderately intelligent, but not geniuses. Gore and Bush Sr. and Clinton were a bit higher up the intellect chain, as were Carter and Nixon. Reagan was no genius, but he was very bright: capable of distilling lots of information and understanding big pictures, even if he wasn't an expert on the details. I think maybe Obama is like that, though perhaps not quite as astute.

McCain is no genius either, but he is not trying to use his supposedly lofty intellect as a qualification for President. Even still, I cannot think of a single issue where Obama is actually more intelligent than McCain.

And no, simply disagreeing with someone does not count, nor do silly errors like "57 states" and "Sunni/Shia" conflation. I am talking about demonstrating a deeper understanding of the issues involved. And I don't see that from Obama. I see him emoting a lot more, but that doesn't count either.

Maybe Obama is brilliant and I just haven't seen it. The thing is, I pretty sure most other people haven't seen it, either. slashdot.org

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