Bush Should Boycott Olympics

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Until now I didn't really care: while I have my issues with China, I am all for setting aside differences, when possible, for the Olympics.

But now China is banning American Olympians from the Olympics. And they are arresting protestors, and evicting them from their homes.

So much for the Super Awesome Smiling Beijing Traffic Police.

I dunno. Maybe Bush shouldn't actually boycott. It would be powerful to say, "yeah, I am already in China, but if you don't let our Olympians come, then I will just go home myself," but then again, that might be more harful for our relations with them in the long run. That's a decision for Bush to make. But if he doesn't boycott, he should at least say a lot against China while he's there. He's already spoken out in general terms about Chinese human rights abuses, and he should specifically address their latest violations, especially against our American Olympians. Maybe he should wear one of those black masks.

(Now, I realize it is possible that Cheek and and Zanotto were actually banned for good reason, but while China maintains that they do not have to give a reason, that should be considered unacceptable to us. China deserves no benefit of the doubt.)

China has a golden opportunity to turn things around for themselves here, at least in terms of public opinion, and they are muffing it. slashdot.org

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