Democrat Western Message: Environment and Welfare

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The DNC video Countdown to America's Future (who came up with that terribly ominous-sounding title?) is ... well, interesting, so far.

They have their fake "reporter" talking about states that have shifted their governor from Red to Blue in the last few years: Montana, Wyoming, Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado ... but they leave out Massachusetts switching from Red to Blue (as well as Louisiana, Hawaii, etc. going the other way).

Why? Because this is not about giving you actual information, but about convincing you that The West is awesomely Democratic.

And how awesomely Democratic is The West? Colorado's Governor, Bill Ritter, and Junior Senator, Ken Salazar, give us basically just two ways in which the Democrats and the West are compatible: Democrats love the environment, and Democrats love to help people.

Apparently Republicans don't. This should come as news to most of us. Well, OK, not really, since we know the Democrats have been trying to sell this for decades. But what's striking to me is that they had nothing else. They had only two ways in which they think the Democrats are better for The West, and both of them were lies.

The Democratic Convention is off to a great start!

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