Democrats and the Rule of Law

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The Democrats put Lilly Ledbetter on the dais tonight. She is complaining because the Supreme Court ruled according to the law.

A very brief synopsis, because that's all that's required: the law says you must file your complaint within six months of the discriminatory act. Ledbetter's complaint did not include any allegation of discriminatory acts in the prior six months. Therefore, there is no valid legal complaint. Period, end of story.

Ledbetter says she supports Obama because he would appoint judges who would have ruled in her favor, that is, in violation of the law. And she is getting applauded for it.

Not that this should surprise anyone at all, because we all know the Democratic Party doesn't care about what the law actually says. The do not believe in the rule of law, but the rule of men.

Oh, and then she complained that the Democratic-controlled Senate wouldn't rewrite the law.

Now, I may be in favor of the law change she wants. I don't know, I'd need to look at it more closely. But there's no possible way I could ever be on her side on the legal issue, because this would require me to abandon my belief, the American belief, in the rule of law.

And if you don't know why the rule of law is important, I won't explain it all here, except to say that adherence to the law is all that's protecting our rights from being completely ignored by any government that simply wishes to abridge them. Rule of law is required in any democratic republic as the primary means of protecting our rights.

That so many Democrats, including Obama, don't believe in this is reason enough to oppose him and his party. No issue is more fundamental to liberty.


Unpa Nasa Author Profile Page said:

So much negativity lately. I was hoping too see more proMcCain stuff here.

pudge Author Profile Page said:

Yeah, well, when a whole political party is literally devoted to destroying the fundamental principles of society that are required to ensure the security of my rights, I get a bit peeved.

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