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Perl, it is said, makes easy things easy, and hard things possible.

Git, on the other hand, makes easy things hard, and makes possible things you never really wanted to do in the first place.


lottadot Author Profile Page said:

I get the feeling you had some specific examples on your mind when you posted this. I'd be interested to know what exactly was going on.

Is this why the slashcode commits are few and far between lately? The last on the slash:master git-rss-feed is Aug 03 according to Netnewswire? ;)

pudge Author Profile Page said:

I think Scott just isn't mirroring it to the feed you're looking at, we have had a lot of commits since then.

And with git every day it's something. :-)

lottadot Author Profile Page said:

So the SF CVS is also a mirror of this git repo? It's not been updated either, since T_2_5_0_202.

I've not been using git much, yet. I've been toying with the idea of using git-svn to begin the push to use git 100%, just finding the free time to mess with it is a real pita.

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