McCain and Keating Five Update

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When last we met on this topic, dinesh repeated to us some lies about McCain and the Keating Five that he found at a site called McCainKeatingFive.

dinesh did retract one of the lies, though not all of them. A shame.

However, I went to set the record straight at the source, and posted the comment below. It was deleted. I posted it again. I suspect it will be deleted again. But here it is, for those who care.

This article is full of lies.

Let's start with the fact that McCain was NOT formally rebuked by the Senate Ethics Committee. On the contrary, the Committee explicitly stated that there would be no institutional action taken against McCain.

Further, McCain never admitted to intentionally filing a false tax return. It didn't happen. You're completely making that up. There is not a single shred of evidence or even a hearsay statement that McCain's neglect of putting those gifts on his tax returns was intentional.

Further, to rectify the tax gifts problem, he never gave any money to the Treasury: he instead reimbursed Keating for the gifts. The money he paid to the Treasury had nothing to do with his taxes, but was the money that Keating had raised for McCain, that McCain was literally donating to the U.S. government.

Basically, whoever is running this site is telling a boatload of lies. They clearly do not understand what actually happened, and are twisting the few things they do know just to slander someone, irrespective of facts and truth.

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