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I fully concede that Al Gore never said that he invented the Internet. It's a misinterpretation of what he he actually said, which was that he "took initiative in creating the Internet," that he took part in the legislative efforts to get it off the ground.

Many Democrats have bemoaned this "clear example" of conservative bias in the media, complaining that it's the media's job to debunk things like this, not continue to push them. And they feel it is their job, as citizens who love truth, to point out to us all -- every time a joke is made about it -- that it's a myth.

I basically agree with all of that (except for the "conservative bias" nonsense), and I have done my share in debunking the myth on occasion.

I've also devoted significant effort in correcting the myths that John Kerry ever opposed funding of our troops back in 2003/2004, and the various Obama/Muslim myths.

So perhaps those same Democrats who decry the perpetuation of those myths will join me in setting the record straight on some other persistent myths, for example:

the myth that John McCain ever said he doesn't know much about the economy

the myth that John McCain ever said he would keep troops in harm's way in Iraq for 100 years

the myth that John McCain did anything whatsoever wrong in the Keating scandal

There's more of course, but these would be a good start.

Democrats: will you join me in spreading truth about all candidates, not just the ones you like? Thanks in advance!

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