Baby Doe

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"Baby Doe" is a song by Steve Taylor about a baby left to die in 1982 because it had Down's syndrome.

I've updated the lyrics slightly in reference to the (now illegal) practice of allowing children who survive botched abortions die in a similar fashion, some of them perfectly healthy, some of them surviving for hours before finally dying.

Barack Obama voted to defend this practice. While this issue alone should be enough to sink Obama from ever winning any election anywhere for anything, we unfortunately know that our society is far too depraved for that.

Taylor asks toward the end of the song, "where will it end?" We're not there yet. (As to where my posts on this subject will end, this will likely be the last for awhile.)

Unfolding today
A miracle play
This Illinois morn

The father -- he sighs
She opens her eyes
Their baby is born

"We don't understand
It's not like we planned"
The doctor shakes his head

"Aborted" they cry
And so they decide
This child is better dead

    I bear the blame
    Believers are few
    And what am I to do?

    I share the shame
    The cradle's below
    And where is Baby Doe?

No hearing is sought
No lawyers are brought
They just won't let him eat

They wrap him up tight
And turn out the light
This child is getting weak

They're drawing a bead
Reciting their creed
"Respect a woman's choice"

I've heard that before
How can you ignore
This baby has a voice

    I bear the blame
    Believers are few
    And what am I to do?

    I share the shame
    The cradle's below
    And where is Baby Doe?

Where will it end? Oh, no, no ...

It's over and done
Nobody has won
And no one gets a prize

Behind your disguise
Your rhetoric lies
You watched a baby starve

    I bear the blame
    The cradle's below
    And where is baby ...

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