Barack Obama Voted for Legal Infanticide

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No, I am not talking about abortion, though that is what Obama wants you to think. I am talking about a vote that came up in the Illinois State Legislature that forbade the practice of letting born children die. has some of the facts, as does National Review Online.

At issue is a practice of children being born alive, with vital signs separate from the mother, and being left to die. Literally. They would not be provided any care, but just left alone until they were dead. Human babies born alive, and intentionally ignored so that they would die.


Nurse Jill Stanek tells of how she cradled one Down syndrome child -- who was being taken to be left all alone in a soiled utility room -- for 45 minutes until the child simply stopped living.

Obama said he opposed the legislation banning this practice because it didn't, in his opinion, protect abortion rights: he thought it could be used as a back-door to banning abortions. When a provision -- the "neutrality clause" -- was added to the federal legislation banning the practice, which explicitly protected all abortion rights, it passed the U.S. Senate unanimously, and was not even opposed by NARAL.

Obama said he would support the federal statute because it contained the neutrality clause. And when it came time to add the clause to their state bill, he voted for it. But then he voted to kill the bill anyway. (Incidentally, Obama argued for years that he only opposed it because it lacked the neutrality clause, and only last month admitted that was false.)

There's really no way around it: Obama voted for legal infanticide. Not that he voted for infanticide, but he did vote to keep it legal. When his sole objection -- protecting abortion rights -- was eliminated, he still voted against the bill banning the practice. Why?

NRO's Andrew C. McCarthy has our answer. Digging into the debate on the subject, he finds Obama arguing that live children are not being left to die (he says he trusts an abortion doctor to not let a born child, who was intended to be aborted, die!), and asserting that the bill is designed not to protect those lives, but to burden women who are trying to have an abortion with legal threats to their doctors.

As McCarthy said: When it got down to brass tacks, Barack Obama argued that protecting abortion doctors from legal liability was more important than protecting living infants from death.

Don't let Obama and his supporters get away with saying this is something other than it is. It's living human children being left to die in soiled rooms simply because they are unwanted. They are not fetuses, they are not pre-humans, they are live, born, human infants. And Obama voted to allow them to be killed.

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